Warmists Talking About Abortion For Midterms

by William Teach | October 29, 2014 8:25 am

Why? Because very few care about “climate change”

(Reuters[1]) Green billionaire Tom Steyer vowed to make the November congressional elections about climate change. Now he’s talking about abortion and the economy to get his candidates across the finish line.

Funny, I thought Democrats hated those Big 1%ers.

Steyer, a hedge fund manager turned environmentalist, launched a state-of-the-art operation to push voters to elect governors and senators willing to confront global warming. His NextGen Climate Action political committee is on track to spend more than $55 million in this election – an unprecedented amount for an environmentalist group.

But NextGen and other green groups are not talking about climate change as much as one would expect.

Instead, they are paying for TV ads that attack Republican candidates on job creation and corruption, not carbon emissions. Door-to-door canvassers talk about clean water and reproductive rights, not the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would carry crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries.

Why, you ask?

The reason is simple: climate change isn’t a top concern for most voters. Only 3 percent think it should be the country’s top priority, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

So Warmists are yammering on about other issues in an attempt to elect Democrats, who agree that economy killing “climate change” regulations are super-awesome. Despite they themselves refusing to take the plunge and make their own lives “carbon neutral”.

But the win-first approach has its risks, as Republicans can argue that the groups’ unwillingness to let the climate message stand on its own is proof that it doesn’t matter to voters.

“Climate change is like an afterthought in the wider message, which is a tacit admission that on its own it doesn’t move the dial,” said Republican strategist Josh Penry.

However, don’t discount the notion that abortion is part of the “Green” agenda, where they want population control, particularly in the “developing nations”, ie, people of color in Africa and Asia. Many of the more extreme Warmists want population reduction in those areas. Seems rather racist, eh?

And we cannot forget that Warmism is all part of the greater parent belief in Progressivism (nice fascism), a political belief in the Power of the federal government, which seeks to give the federal government more and more control over individual lives, private entities, and the economy.

“Climate change is a huge issue that we’re just pushing under the rug and not dealing with,” said Emily Rowe, 19, as she twirled a hula hoop on the campus of the University of Colorado. “I’m assuming the Democratic Party is more for that. That’s about all I know.”

Sadly, Ms. Rowe represents the typical Democrat voter, all passion and virtually zero knowledge on the issues. And that’s who Democrats are targeting

One population segment needs no convincing: voters under 35 years old who, unlike older voters, see climate change as a top issue. Green groups are targeting young voters, as well as Hispanic and African-American voters, with a sophisticated digital and door-knocking campaign to make sure they don’t stay home on election day.

Every single one of them should have to face the question “what are you doing in your own life to reduce your own carbon footprint?”

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