WRAL Declares McCrory Broke Abortion Promise

by William Teach | July 30, 2013 8:17 am

WRAL also highlights that they are a station of abortion fanatics

McCrory signs abortion, gun rights changes into law[1]

Gov. Pat McCrory signed 18 bills Monday, including two of the more controversial of the recently ended legislative session — those dealing with gun rights and abortion clinics.

Supporters of Senate Bill 353, including the governor, have said it is about raising safety standards among the doctors and clinics that perform abortions.

Abortion-rights advocates say that provisions of the law, such as excluding abortion coverage from health plans offered to city and county employees, would further limit the availability of and access to the procedure statewide. They argue that, in signing the measure, McCrory is breaking a campaign promise not to allow any further limits on abortion rights.

Hmm, so the baby killers make a statement that McCrory broke his promise, and, unshockingly, the abortion fanatics at WRAL deemed it so

Abortion law breaks McCrory promise[2]

During an Oct. 24, 2012, debate, WRAL News reporter Laura Leslie asked soon-to-be Gov. Pat McCrory the following: “If you are elected governor, what further restrictions on abortion would you agree to sign?”

McCrory’s one-word reply: “None.”

So when McCrory signed a package of changes to the state’s abortion laws[3] Monday, did he break that campaign pledge? (snip)

Given the absolute nature of his promise, by signing Senate Bill 353[4], he broke that promise.

So, requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to use the ambulatory surgical rules as a guide “while not unduly restricting access” to abortion, creating safer conditions for women who are going to have a procedure that involves yanking a fetus from out of the uterus (for Liberals, the uterus is located inside a woman’s body), is somehow putting restrictions on abortion? This doesn’t stop women from getting abortions.

WRAL goes on to note

Let’s face it, the abortion fanatics refuse to allow any restrictions or regulations. They’re totally against even parental consent and/or notification (for others. When it’s their own child, you can bet they want notification/consent). They are even against restricting the ability of an unrelated person taking a minor child across state lines to have an abortion. But what McCrory signed does not restrict abortion, it just provides a few common sense regulations.

BTW, remember when WRAL was tracking Bev Perdues broken promises? Or even tracking Bev Perdue? Yeah, me neither.

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