Afghanistan suicide bomber kills 14 at pro government politicians event

by Frank Lea | January 17, 2016 2:36 pm

A family and guests gathered to celebrate the release of Malik Osman’s son[1], Samiullah, who was held captive by the Taliban. Someone suicide bombed it, possibly targeting the son who was released. Samiullah sustained injuries that were not life threatening. 14 others were killed.

afghan suicide bomber[2]

A suicide bomber in Afghanistan has killed 14 people during a meeting of pro-government tribal elders who had gathered to celebrate the release of one of their sons from Taliban kidnappers.

The bomber was mingling with crowds at the public event before detonating the explosives hidden within his clothes, wounding the recently freed man and killing 14 others.

Malik Osman’s family is said to be very supportive of President Ashraf Ghani, his peace efforts, and his Taliban insurgence.

Suicide bombing doesn’t make any sense. Why blow yourself up when you can just as easily throw a grenade or fire a rocket launcher? I don’t understand the thinking behind this, and in this case, they didn’t even destroy the target.

Doesn’t make sense.

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