Meet The “Stump-For-Trump” Girls, Who Just Changed Parties To Republican To Vote For The Donald

It’s funny how the least politically-correct candidate in the GOP race, and the one who gets hit with cries of “racism” most often, seems to be the one attracting the most conspicuous support from people of color.

A poll two weeks ago actually had Donald Trump pulling 25 percent of the black vote in a general election, a number three times what recent GOP nominees have managed in presidential elections over recent decades.

And then there are the Stump-For-Trump Girls

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Vocal Trump supporters, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, better known as the“Stump-for-Trump Girls,” have become a YouTube sensation with their hilarious rants and staunch support for Donald Trump.

The ladies have a YouTube Channel devoted to Donald Trump for President.

Today Diamond and Silk put their money where their mouth is and went to the board of elections and changed political parties from Democrat to Republican.

Here’s an entertaining video…

Trump certainly isn’t perfect, but the people who poo-pooh his candidacy are overlooking the fact that most of the conventions and conventional wisdom his campaign is shattering are rules which inhibit Republicans on behalf of Democrats. Regardless of whether he gets the nomination, at present it looks like history will record him as a positive for the GOP just in shaking up a sclerotic and rigged political culture.

The Stump-For-Trump Girls can attest to that.

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