VIDEO: Citizens Catch Troy, NY Police Taking On Local Black Youths… in Pickup Basketball Game

by Warner Todd Huston | May 27, 2015 12:06 pm

A concerned citizen spied some officers of the Troy, New York police department approaching a group of black youths earlier this month. Expecting trouble, the videographer was surprised to discover what the officers really intended to do. Instead of rousting the kids, the officers joined them in a fun pick-up basketball game.

Many commenters on the video[1] were shocked but also happy to see a video that for a change shows police acting like humans instead of monsters.

As Rusty Weiss notes[2],

It’s important to note that the Troy Police were recently wrongfully accused of brutality in a case involving the arrest of a black man at Kokopellis night club. Cell phone video of the officers detaining the unruly patron became national news. They were accused of using excessive force, and were even compared to the KKK by the club owner. The FBI got involved, eventually declining to investigate the incident due to a lack of evidence that any force had indeed been excessive.

Side note – That same bar owner who accused the Troy police of acting like the KKK? He was later arrested for shooting an unarmed black man in his club.

Go check out Rusty’s post[3] for some of the great comments about this heartwarming video.

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