America Would Never Be The Same & That’s Why The Democrats Fight To The Death

by Melissa Clouthier | March 16, 2010 10:43 am

Even though, by now, you’re as disgusted and fed up with the topic of health care as I am, I write about health care. Again. Why? Because it ain’t over ’til it’s over and goodness knows Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama aren’t quitting. They will never give up until they have the power to control your life from before birth ’til you’re in the grave.

Government run health care is a defining moment in American history.

Today, in my first Daily Caller column, I talk about why this bill is evil[1]:

Health care reform tears at fundamental threads holding our society together. Should it pass, it will reshape the American psyche from a risk-taking, freedom-loving open-mindedness to a self-protective, risk-averting, and provincial desire to protect the tiny piece of pie the citizen is granted.

Health care reform is immoral. It changes the equation from creating a legacy and gift to the next generation, to stealing from them. The debt load is such that our children are enslaved because of their parents greed and lack of restraint.

Health care reform redistributes wealth. The government bequeaths a win on irresponsible unions and businesses hoping to avoid commitments they made. The government decides. Instead of individuals and groups being forced to make the tough decisions, the government rescues them—sends them a lifeline that’s at the other end of a rope that is a noose around the necks of the very same American people.

There is much more at the link. Please go read it all.

We cannot give up. The Democrats never will.

  1. Daily Caller column, I talk about why this bill is evil:

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