Americans Are FURIOUS With This Chicago Tribune Ad – Can You See Why?

Americans Are FURIOUS With This Chicago Tribune Ad – Can You See Why?

Just disgraceful. The Chicago Tribune decided to capitalize on Memorial Day to up their subscription base. So, they ran an ad with an American flag… backwards. First of all, you aren’t supposed to use the American flag in advertising. Second, showing the flag flying backwards is a monstrous offense to the flag and our country. I don’t know whether those who did this were just incompetent morons or if it was on purpose because of their radical leanings. Either way, it is disrespectful in the extreme. Shame on the Chicago Tribune.


From TheBlaze:

This week the country’s sixth largest daily newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, was met with a deluge of criticism after it posted this ad on Facebook, offering discounted subscriptions during the Memorial Day weekend.

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The ad offered a 50 percent discount for new subscribers to the Tribune’s online news portal and optional home delivery.

Despite the substantial price reduction, many Facebook users were not pleased with the manner in which the newspaper displayed the American flag.

Almost immediately, negative remarks flooded the comments section below the online ad. The unhappy comments featured a mix of those unhappy with the commercializing of Memorial Day and the apparent, incorrect display of the American flag in the pitch.

People on Facebook noticed and let the nation’s sixth largest paper have it with both barrels. On a holiday that is American through and through, they are running an ad that is in essence un-American. Nicely done, you idiots. According to the Flag Code, “The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever.” Additionally, for display purposes (in print, hanging on a wall or in a window), the code also outlines the correct position of the flag, with the union (the stars on the blue field) on the observer’s left. Most Americans know this, so you would think the mental giants at the Chicago Tribune would have had a clue. They should be honoring the military, not selling subscriptions and dishonoring the flag.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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