Anti-Cop activist created a ‘F*ck Your Badge’ challenge by having people desecrate THIS… [VIDEO]

Anti-Cop activist created a ‘F*ck Your Badge’ challenge by having people desecrate THIS… [VIDEO]

Ademo Freeman of Cop Block infamy is back and the asshat is starting a thingie called the “F*ck Your Badge Challenge.” Here’s a thought… why doesn’t Freeman just go do that to himself? Just sayin’. Instead of celebrating 240 years of American freedom on Independence Day, he celebrated by burning the American flag and by disrespecting our officers who put their lives on the line everyday for us. He even called Independence Day, ‘Treason Day‘. This guy needs a good ole fashioned ass kicking.

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From LEO Affairs:

One of the leaders of ‘Cop Block’ made waves on social media after burning an American “thin blue line” flag.

Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman announced his beginning of the “F*ck Your Badge Challenge”

In the 4th of July post, Freeman expressed his disdain for police, challenging all who watched to participate in the “FYB” challenge before igniting a Thin Blue Line flag designed to be similar to the US Flag. He also called the holiday “Treason Day.”

Many on social media and YouTube comment sections objected to the burning of the flag.

This moonbat is delusional: “The truth is the United States government has become the most violent, oppressive government the world has ever seen. Sure Hitler, Stalin and Mao get the nods for most ruthless dictators of all time and have killed millions of people but the United States Government has harmed far more. The United States Government stretches to every corner of the world, with military bases all over the globe, enforcing their agenda. Furthermore, the United States Government cloaks it’s oppression in the names of democracy, freedom or claims of liberation. Yet, it’s all a lie and this government simply does more harm than good. PERIOD.” I have seen some vile things come out of this moron, but he never ceases to amaze me in his hate for his country and for those who protect his sorry butt. Make no mistake, this guy is a Marxist who hates the police, wants the prisons emptied, wants to do away with our military and guns and basically wants to destroy the Republic. In other words, he’s a leftist and a communist. Please just go away. So shameful.

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