BAM! Rob Lowe DESTROYS Every Disrespecting NFL Player In One BRILLIANT Tweet!

BAM! Rob Lowe DESTROYS Every Disrespecting NFL Player In One BRILLIANT Tweet!

This, right here, is why I really love Rob Lowe. He seems to be an Independent and I don’t agree with him on everything politically, but every once in a while, he hits it out of the park… like now for instance. Lowe wrote on Twitter on the eve of 9/11 the perfect response to the asshats who sit on their behinds or kneel while the National Anthem is playing. He said any player who boycotts the National Anthem on 9/11 should stay in the locker room until the game begins… it’s not their moment. Amen to that brother. However, I would just tell them to leave period.

Lowe was attacked on Twitter for saying what I believe millions feel. Conservative actor Nick Searcy defended him, pointing out that it is a private team, so the Constitution does not factor in on this. I agree. You have the right to say and stand for whatever you want per the First Amendment… but as a private team, they also have the right to cut you. And boy, should they.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Actor Rob Lowe took to Twitter on the eve of the Sept. 11 anniversary to share a brilliant idea with the NFL on dealing with players who planned to either kneel or remain seated as the national anthem was played the next day during the start of their respective games.

“Any player wants to boycott the anthem on 9/11 should be asked to remain in the locker room until kickoff,” he tweeted directly to the NFL. “It’s not their moment.”

Players willfully choosing to co-opt such an important moment was unacceptable and should not have been tolerated, period.

The NFL is too politically correct to do what is right here. In fact, the commissioner approves of the Black Lives Matter movement, so no one will be held to account on dissing the National Anthem. But those players who wore special 9/11 cleats? Well, the NFL fined each of them $6,000 for that. This is the same commissioner that had to be paid to support military vets. The NFL needs new leadership and Roger Goodell needs to go.

I think Rob Lowe’s idea was brilliant. I’m just sad the NFL didn’t take him up on it. People who don’t understand the Constitution and private business ownership, also have no standing to lecture Lowe on either of those. He got it right… they blew it because of bias. Politics has no business on the football field.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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