BOOM! Veterans Teach Hampshire College A Lesson – Now The AMERICAN Flag Is Back!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 3, 2016 11:03 am

Well, lookie here…[1] supreme douche Jonathan Lash brought the American flag back to Hampshire College after a thousand vets and company showed up to protest it being removed. This all started after Donald Trump was elected President and the college leaders threw a hissy and decided to lower the flag to half staff to signify their grief and loss. Then the Progressive radicals they call students took the flag down and proceeded to burn it. Any normal college would have reprimanded the students, but not Hampshire. Oh no… their solution was to ban all flags from campus. Vets did not take that kindly, especially since it happened on the eve of Veterans Day.

In response to the vets, what did Lash do? Well, nothing. He hid and when the media tried to talk to him about his commie move, he hid some more. A coward in his natural habitat. He’s an internationally recognized expert on practical solutions for global sustainability, climate change and development challenges. And in 2011, he became president[2] of Hampshire. Now you know why he’s such a Progressive world-class weenie. President Lash came to Hampshire from World Resources Institute, a Washington-based environmental think tank focusing on issues ranging from low carbon development to sustainable transportation.


From Louder with Crowder:

Who says the good guys never win? We recently wrote about the douchenozzles over at Hampshire College trying to ban the American flag from campus[4]. Which qualifies Hampshire for an honorable mention in biggest dick move of the decade, but HBO is the forever winner. They made Lena Dunham famous. Don’t bother campaigning for the winning spot.

We’ve also written about the veterans who responded to the flag hatred malarkey with peaceful protests[5]. Their efforts paid off. This morning Old Glory flew high at Hampshire[6].

Hampshire College raised its American flag early Friday morning, finally capitulating to community outrage two weeks after its controversial decision to remove the banner from campus.

Hundreds of veterans and other interested citizens from the local community held a demonstration outside Hampshire College on November 27 with hundreds American flags, generating considerable media attention.

In response the unwelcome attention, Lash issued a statement two days later announcing that “no protesters will be allowed to come on campus,” and that students are not allowed to speak to the media about the controversy, due to the threat of harassment on social media.

In a campus-wide email Friday morning, however, Lash informed students that “we raised the United States flag to full staff on the campus flagpole.”

I guess the pressure and backlash was just too intense for the college. They succumbed to Americanism. They may never recover. Just sayin’. They raised the American flag to full staff Friday morning. Old Glory now claims its rightful spot, taking the ground back from the radical Marxists, at least for now.

During this whole kerfuffle, Lash tried to block protesters (i.e. veterans) from the campus. That got him in even hotter water. He was trying to avoid publicity and got even more of it. What a moron. In true commie fashion, he summarily banned students from talking to the media about it. Why? Because he feared Twitter and other social media would trash the school. What a putz. If you are going to be an asshat, wear it proudly man. Grow a set. Lash caved on the flag and one wonders if he is scheduled for gender reassignment (or should that just be assignment) surgery shortly. If he had any love of country or respect for veterans, he would never have made this bone headed move in the first place.


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