Company Threatened To EVICT Veteran Over Flag – Then Just 1 Phone Call Changed EVERYTHING!

Company Threatened To EVICT Veteran Over Flag – Then Just 1 Phone Call Changed EVERYTHING!

This would make me mad too. An apartment complex in California received a complaint that someone was flying an American flag outside their unit, so they told all residents that they were forbidden from flying the flag. One military veteran was threatened with eviction over it. It made Semar (our heroic veteran) angry, because after all… this is America. Semar’s mother, Deine, said watching the flag wave in the wind turned back time for her. “My husband fought in the war. He was in the military for four years during World War II, he served in France,” she said. It symbolizes our country, our heritage, our freedom… it’s everything Americans have fought and died for. Telling someone they can’t fly our flag is not only unpatriotic, it’s un-American.


From the Conservative Tribune:

An apartment complex in California decided it would be good idea to tell residents they couldn’t fly the American flag outside their homes because of a complaint it had received.

Residents were told they could be evicted if they didn’t comply with the new rule, but one family didn’t like the new flag-flying rule.

Semar said the whole thing made him angry because “this is America,” he said in an interview with KMPH.

Semar tried to contact the complex’s corporate office in Boston repeatedly with no luck. “They won’t let you talk to anybody. You have to put your complaint on a voice mail complaint line and I called four times. I left the same message and I have not heard from them.” Enter the news station KMPH, who was glad to help Semar out. When reporter Erik Rosales made the call, a spokesman returned the call within hours. Gee, imagine that. They didn’t want the bad publicity. Too late. The spokesperson sent the news station an email that straightened everything out. One call made all the difference here. “Our staff personally put the flag back up this afternoon. This incident was the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding. We apologize,” the email said. Right… unfortunate indeed. Wonder if the manager got fired over this boondoggle. If this happens to you, don’t just shrug and walk away. Fight like Semar did. It’s the principle of the thing.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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