Equipping the ‘Freedom Fighters’ at #FreePACOhio

by Donlyn Turnbull | September 15, 2012 7:14 pm

Certain states hold extensive political clout since their large population allots them a high number of Electoral College votes.:  California has the most with 55 votes[1]. You can add the fact that California will go Democratic to the end of the list of the other two certainties, death and taxes.

Frankly, they can keep California.:  If the residents like the way things are going in California enough to keep voting the way they do, then so be it.:  And they can fully expect more of the same.

Texas is the second largest with 38 electoral votes[2] and typically goes to the Republican candidate. : : 270 electoral votes are needed to win[3].: : This is why the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana and more are so important.:  They could potentially swing either way.:  Hence “swing” states, in case you: didn’t: get that.:  I tend to over explain jokes to people as well.

Obviously, we want them to swing our way.

The big question is how can we make that happen?

No Republican has won the Presidency without winning Ohio[4].:  Not to say it: isn’t: a possibility, but highly unlikely. Which is why it’s necessary we make it happen on the ground. : That is the theme of FreePAC Ohio this weekend created by the DC grassroots organization FreedomWorks[5] in conjunction with Glenn Beck[6]: and The Blaze.

The influential edge in this Presidential election sits heavily on the shoulders of Ohio.

FreedomWorks fully understands it’s a fight in which we must all participate. No more sitting on the couch expecting Mitt Romney commercials to passively do the trick. The power to the election lies within us hitting the ground and winning the election.

Enthusiastic speaker, Rev. C.L. Brown[7] used his powerful speaking capabilities to move the crowd of nearly 7000 to their feet reminding them, “Ohio, your country needs you!”

He commented how much he looks forward to the evening of November 6th when he hears Fox News call Ohio for Mitt Romney, which would be music to all our ears and made the crowd go wild.

The audience members of the must win state were encouraged to get connected with local tea party groups via the FreedomWorks tool, Freedom Connector.:  They discussed the importance of citizens reaching out to their concentric circles.

It’s surprising how many active patriots fighting for conservatism never even mention their beliefs or persuasive activism to neighbors, friends, fellow church members etc.

A win in November will take all of us working outside our comfort zones. : We are in the political fight of our lives.:  It’s not just about preserving our freedoms, it’s also about the grave impact another four years under the Obama administration would devastatingly have on us.

Continued defense cuts seriously threaten jobs in Ohio as well as the rest of the country.:  The Star-Telegram[8] reported, “Those possible cuts mean the city would lose its 179th Air National Guard unit, which would cost hundreds of jobs. That’s on top of a GM plant that closed in nearby Ontario, Ohio, two years ago.”

It’s obviously not pretty.

So what do we do and what did these patriots learn at FreePAC Ohio?

In the words of Glenn Beck, as the final and keynote speaker, “you reach out to people who don’t think like you. Who don’t look like you.” He encouraged the crowd United we stand and divided we will fall.

“They are terrified of what you are doing and what you have already done,” Beck said in reference to the tea party’s effectiveness against the Democrats, as well as the Republican establishment.

“You are going to change the direction of the country and the world.”

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