Millennial UNLEASHES EPIC Truth Bomb On Her Generation – Patriotic CHILLS! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 25, 2016 12:04 pm

I just watched[1] the most fantastic video on Facebook that I want to share it with you! In it, a young millennial woman who is trying to figure out why those over 40 are so ticked with them. She does an incredible job of laying out the specific reasons why her generation is frowned upon currently. This young lady is trying to make a difference and rally young people into making one too. Her generation is not alone though… I think the problem comes from all walks of life. And just like this woman did, we need to face what it is we need to fix as Americans, so we can restore the Republic.


From Facebook:

College campuses are a big part of the problem out there. They breed hate and division… they manufacture Marxists. What we need are learning institutions that are places to discuss ideas, not mandate them. The entitlement mindset has to go and the restoration of morality and patriotism needs to replace it instead. I hope that the under-40 crowd will get involved and informed and help put this country back on the right path to freedom through the Constitution and smaller government. This young lady has a great attitude and is an example of what our nation yearns for – leaders.

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