Pro-Gun Mom Accidentally Shot By Her 4-Yr Old- Currently In Stable Condition, Now Faces More Trouble

by Scott McKay | March 10, 2016 3:17 pm

Thanks for doing your part to help the 2nd Amendment cause, lady[1].

florida woman[2]

The Florida woman who wrote on Facebook her four-year-old son was ‘jacked up to target shoot’ before the toddler found her gun and accidentally shot her in the back is recovering in hospital and will be questioned by police.

Jamie Gilt, 31, could face up to a year behind bars if found guilty of criminal negligence for leaving herĀ .45 semi-automatic handgun within her toddler’s reach, police said.

Gilt was listed in stable condition Wednesday and will be questioned as soon as her health improves, a spokesman with the Putnam County sheriff’s office told theĀ Florida Times-Union.

The boy was uninjured in the incident.

We’re all about gun rights here at Right Wing News, and we’re also realists – in a nation of 320 million people it is inevitable that there will be an occasional unfortunate incident with respect to kids or animals or morons or acts of God, where our God-given freedoms might just result in less-than-optimal outcomes. That’s unavoidable, and we can’t do anything about it.

But leaving your .45 where your toddler can get to it? Not great. We’d rather not have the Left with examples to prove how normal folks can’t be trusted with their Second Amendment rights.

Hope she’s OK, and hope she’s got a new appreciation for the importance of responsible gun ownership to the preservation of our rights.

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