Security DEMANDED Children Stop Singing The National Anthem At THIS Sacred Site [VIDEO]

Security DEMANDED Children Stop Singing The National Anthem At THIS Sacred Site [VIDEO]

A North Carolina community is up in arms and upset after middle school student’s were told to stop singing the National Anthem in front of the 9/11 Memorial because they did not have a permit. That’s de Blasio’s commie New York for you. Great values there guys. Security stopped the kids from singing halfway through the Anthem. You have to have a permit to perform there… they weren’t performing. They were just singing our National Anthem. A sane security guard had given them verbal permission, but another decided to go thuggish and stop the horror of children singing for their country and those who died on that fateful day.


From Breitbart:

According to a WLOS report, a North Carolina community is upset after being told to stop singing the National Anthem while on a visit to New York City.

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Waynesville Middle School’s chorus was singing the anthem outside of the 9/11 Memorial while on a trip to New York when security asked them to stop midway through their performance.

WLOS reports the 9/11 Memorial requires groups to obtain a permit if they want to perform. Although the students did not have a permit, they were given verbal permission from a security guard.

Waynesville Middle School principal Trevor Putnam said, “Basically they performed approximately half of the National Anthem and they were told by security to cease and desist. And they, of course, complied immediately.” Because there’s nothing like bullying a bunch of kids to make your day, right guys? Per Putnam, security “explained to them that they treat that area as a burial site.” He added, “I hate that our kids didn’t get to finish.” Yeah, me too and if I were the parents of those children, I would never ever allow them to step foot in New York again.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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