The Supermarket Cashier Who Helped Brighten A Family’s Christmas Season With A Simple Act Of Kindness

by Scott McKay | December 15, 2015 2:55 pm

Here’s a heart-warming slice of life…

This time last year, Kimberly Grandinette and her family were seen donning, smiles and sweaters in front of their Christmas tree.

But a lot can change in a year.

Kimberly recently posted about their heartbreaking struggle of having their infant son in the hospital during the holidays and how it’s affected her three-year-old son.

When the two were checking out at the Meijer supermarket, she recalls telling the cashier, Kristen C., the changes at home have been “hard” for her three-year-old.

That’s when her son asked Kristen if he could help ring up their groceries. Without hesitating, she said “certainly” and brought the boy to her side of the checkout.

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It’s always nice to see kind gestures like that, isn’t it?

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