There’s A Boycott Brewing Of Sam’s Club Due To The CEO’s Anti-White Remarks, And The Company Is Doing Damage Control

Will you boycott Sam’s Club over this?

It was inevitable that eventually, white people would begin catching onto the epidemic of racial grievance and the victim culture, and begin acting in the same hypersensitive, perennially-offended way that other racial and ethnic groups have.

So when the black female CEO of Sam’s Club made remarks along the lines of complaining about the lack of diversity among the executives of that company’s suppliers, this was also inevitable

Backlash is growing for the CEO of Sam’s Club after she discussed her dislike for dealing with White men on CNN.

As Top Right Newsreported Sunday, the company’s black, female CEO Rosalind Brewerplanned to fire a supplier she met with because she was disgusted that his management staff had too many White males.

It was more important to Ms. Brewer that a staff be racially and gender diverse rather than the best people be picked for their jobs. A practice she admitted to CNN’s Poppy Harlow she practices herself.

In response to Brewer’s outright racism, thousands of Americans have gone online to announce they are canceling their Sam’s Club memberships, and the controversy is spreading like wildfire.

WalMart, the parent company of Sam’s Club, didn’t quite see the size of the storm that was coming.

So have Brewer’s bosses at WalMart backed her down? Heck no…they’ve doubled down!

The president and CEO of WalMart Stores Inc., who owns Sam’s Club, Doug McMillon said the company supports Ms. Brewer and added that they ask their suppliers “to prioritize the talent and diversity of their sales teams.”

“Roz [Brewer] was simply trying to reiterate that we believe diverse and inclusive teams make for a stronger business.That’s all there is to it and I support that important ideal,” he added in the statement.

Since the story broke angry customers have called for a boycott of the company until such time as Brewer is fired, apologizes or the situation is otherwise rectified.

Here was the spark that lit the fire. You have to love the Mad Max reference on this guy’s Twitter handle, if nothing else…

Exactly how much of a boycott there will be, or what effect it will have on Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart, is a question time will tell the answer to. But we’ve already seen that cultural pressure creates backlash, and the constant agitation for political correctness aimed at silencing the majority of Americans has brought many to the boiling point.

It may be that this rather insignificant slight irritates people enough for action, or it might be the next one. But pressure is building. The Donald Trump phenomenon is a manifestation of it.

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