WATCH: The Moment A Veteran Father Surprises His Son Will Have You In TEARS

by Scott McKay | April 15, 2016 9:53 pm

If those veteran surprise homecoming videos tug your heartstrings as much as they tug at ours, this one will really get to you[1].

veteran homecoming[2]

From Qpolitical:

Knowing your mom or dad is halfway across the world in harm’s way, and who may never return, has to be an incredibly heavy burden for children of those serving in America’s military.

But when this young man was told that his dad had a big surprise, his reaction left me in tears — of joy. This moment is simply far too precious for words.

It all started when this young man’s mother told him, “Your daddy has a big surprise for you.”

The expectation, obviously, would be that a video message was on the way. Not this time. This time the surprise came in person, as Dad was home. You’ll just love this…

  1. this one will really get to you:
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