Animal Rights Kooks At The Lexus Project Want To Save A Dog That Killed A Baby

by John Hawkins | May 10, 2012 8:00 am

I love dogs. I really do. In fact, I like them better than most people — in the abstract at least.

No wonder.

Dogs are fun, they’re loyal, they throw a little celebration when you get home even if you’re just gone for a few hours. Still, they’re not human beings. They’re just not. If you don’t get that all the way down at the core of your being, there’s just something fundamentally wrong with you[1].

The fate of “Onion” a 6-year-old mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback mix will be decided on Friday. Onion recently mauled a toddler to death in Henderson, Nev., but animal rights activists are saying it wasn’t a malicious act and they hope the dog will be allowed to live at an animal sanctuary for aggressive canines.

Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan was killed late last month when the 120-pound Onion reportedly attacked the 1-year-old as he was using the animal to help pull himself to his feet – something he did regularly. The Las Vegas Review Journal has more on the incident:

He latched his jaws around the boy’s head and began shaking him back and forth. Jeremiah‘s grandmother wasn’t strong enough to pull the boy away. [Christopher] Shahan heard the commotion from upstairs and raced to rescue his son.

The dog should have been put down Tuesday according to Nevada state law, but the local Fox affiliate reports an animal rights group filed an injunction hours before Onion would have been euthanized:

“The dog didn’t do anything,” said Richard Rosenthal, co-founder of The Lexus Project. “This was not a vicious attack where the dog attempted to tear the child apart, and it’s not a situation where the child was on the ground and the dog went over to him and attacked him.”

The group has set up for the dog to be sent to an animal sanctuary in Colorado, instead of being euthanized.

“They’re willing to take the dog, evaluate the dog and rehabilitate the dog,” Rosenthal said. ”The dog can stay there as long as need be, including the rest of his life, if it turns out there is an aggression issue.”

First of all, the very fact that these animal rights nuts can legally insert themselves into a case like this shows you how out-of-whack our legal system has become. It’s not their dog, it’s not their son, there is a clearcut state law involved; yet some bunch of kooks is being allowed to sue. Keep in mind that it’s just none of their business in the first place. Getting beyond that, who are they to tell this family that lost their son that their child is not going to get justice because some bunch of animal rights loons want to use the death of their child as a way to get more publicity?

Oh, but “the dog didn’t do anything.” Yeah, that’s true…..well other than latch his jaws around the kid’s head and shake him to death.

Maybe the dog’s vicious. Maybe the dog’s sweet as pie, but the kid pulled his ear when he had an earache, it freaked the dog out, and that caused him to kill the baby. Who knows? In the end, it really doesn’t matter because there’s a child dead and the dog mauled him to death. Everything else is dross and if the despicable people at The Lexus Project don’t understand that, maybe their donors will do the right thing and stop giving them money. After all, there’s no shortage of worthy charities to give money towards if you love pets. In fact, if you have money slated for the Lexus Project, it could be much better be spent at the Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan Memorial Fund[2]. I think that family deserves help right now a lot more than the dog that killed their son.

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