BREAKING! BLM Announces Plans To Kill THOUSANDS Of …

BREAKING! BLM Announces Plans To Kill THOUSANDS Of …

The Bureau of Land Management (or BLM) is roundly hated in Nevada with good reason. The federal government has taken most of the land in that state for either military use or as national parks. They steal land and resources from the ranchers. And the most despicable of all is how they handle the horse and burro populations. Those that are not adopted will now be euthanized. I don’t understand why they can’t be shipped to other states where they could run free. It seems barbarous to me.

The BLM is also asking the federal government for more money and manpower, so they can round up even more of these animals to put down. Some are calling for contraceptive methods and say that sterilization is barbaric… but I don’t think so. We fix our pets. If the numbers are too great, fixing the horses and burros seems prudent. It sure as heck is better than slaughtering them.


From Dennis Michael Lynch:

At their meeting in Elko, Nevada Thursday and Friday, the Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board discussed what to do with nearly 45,000 wild horses they consider unadoptable.

The board’s recommendation: Euthanasia.

The Elko Daily reported that the board recommended the Bureau of Land Management follow the stipulations of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act “by offering all suitable animals in long and short term holding deemed unadoptable for sale without limitation or humane euthanasia. Those animals deemed unsuitable for sale should then be destroyed in the most humane manner possible.”

The only member voting “NO” on the Advisory Board was Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation.

They are prioritizing the Sage Grouse habitat over these horses. That’s insane. Damned environmentalists. This time, I find myself in agreement with the Humane Society… no fertility control has been tried or sterilization. The BLM has run a program there for years to gather horses and burros and it is unprofitable and isn’t working. Last year, they spent $49 million on the horse program.

There are a lot of coyotes in Nevada and other predators. The reason the horse and burro population is too high is they have eradicated their natural enemies as well. The EPA and the BLM are causing far more problems than they solve here. Stop messing around with the balance of nature. You are destroying it.

Now having said that, you have to take the ranchers into account. If these herds are destroying their ranges, then that will have to be dealt with. But geez, did they have to let it get to the point of euthanizing 45,000 horses?! This smacks of massive incompetency.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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