Cat Wants Live Octopus For Lunch – Learns Quickly It Was A BAD Idea…VIDEO

Cat Wants Live Octopus For Lunch – Learns Quickly It Was A BAD Idea…VIDEO

Well, that is one determined feline. This was filmed in somewhere like Japan, where they grow small octopuses to sell for consumption. This cat decided to take advantage of the wading pool while the owner was napping. It was a buffet he could not resist. He gets in there and fishes out an octopus and proceeds to try and chow down. The octopus has other ideas and latches onto the cat’s face as it does the world’s longest backup and shake. It brings to mind a horror movie or two. But our intrepid cat was not deterred that easily.


From Viral Nova:

Living up to his species’ penchant for curiosity, this cat stuck his head into a pool filled with octopuses…and got a lot more than he bargained for. He wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at, but that didn’t stop him from taking a bite out of one. Unfortunately for him, the octopus had a trick up his eight sleeves. Watch!

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Well, that didn’t work out like he thought it would. While I love octopus, I can’t say I would have risked it all a second time for a fresh meal…

The cat got the octopus off his face and decided to have dinner for real. This time, the owner woke up and proceeded to fight with the cat over the octopus. He should have let the poor cat have it after all that. The cat kept trying to bite his dinner and he got smacked for it. The octopus won a reprieve from a dinner table for a little bit and the cat had to find sustenance somewhere else. I’m still rooting for the cat.

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