The Circus Dead, Animal Rights Kooks Target Rodeo

The Circus Dead, Animal Rights Kooks Target Rodeo

After 146 years of providing entertainment, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is closing down, in part because of relentless pressure from animal rights fanatics. Are these militant moonbats content with their victory? Of course not. Progressivism is like a forest fire; the more it destroys, the hungrier it grows for more destruction. Now they are coming after rodeos:

An animal rights group is calling for a boycott of rodeos after two horses died during bronc riding competitions in Fort Worth.

“It was very sad,” said LeeAnn Nalls, a life-long rodeo and show participant.

Video shows each horse coming out of the gate and veering off to the right as it bucks. Both horses hit the wall head first, snapping their spines.

Freak accidents will happen. They don’t happen very often.

“I’ve been going to rodeos since I was five” Nalls said. “And I turned 50 this year and I’ve only seen one horse die in an arena.”

But any pretext will do when it comes to erasing a little more of America to make way for the coming moonbat utopia.

PETA screamed in a statement:

“It’s 2017—a time when animal circuses are shutting down and SeaWorld is on the skids. Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion, and it’s time for them to be relegated to the pages of history books. PETA encourages everyone to stay away from rodeos and to support legislation that protects animals from this abuse.”

No doubt a major legal/propaganda campaign will escalate from here, as we have seen before.

Don’t let the rodeo share the fate of the circus. Do your part to keep to this great American tradition alive by attending a rodeo. You can’t beat it for family entertainment that keeps us in touch with our heritage, especially in the West.

Prescott, Arizona has an excellent rodeo.

On tips from Stormfax and Bodhisattva. Photo compliments of Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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