Family Pets Tied Up And Left Alone To Face The Wrath Of Harvey – Images Going Viral [VIDEO]

Family Pets Tied Up And Left Alone To Face The Wrath Of Harvey – Images Going Viral [VIDEO]

I just can’t fathom how someone could do something as horrific as this. I love our pets with all my heart and soul – they are real members of our family. I would no sooner chain a dog up and leave them to a hurricane than I would a child. But some people did just that. A little pup was found tied up as the waters rose around him. Someone thankfully freed the little fella. The owners should be held criminally responsible for doing something as heinous as this. Over 10 inches fell in Victoria, Texas within 24 hours. The police chief in Roman Forest, Texas vowed to prosecute animal abusers for doing this. Good for him.

Would you load up your car to evacuate and leave your helpless pet like this? No decent person would. These animals are totally innocent and defenseless. That’s a death sentence and a very cruel one at that. It’s sheer abuse. There is a specific state law that prohibits leaving a dog tied up outside in any extreme weather conditions, including under a hurricane or tropical storm warning. Victoria County, where the dogs were spotted abandoned, was directly in the path of Harvey’s fury. Livestock was threatened too. When things like this happen, it’s not just people at risk.

From the Daily Mail:

A dog has been spotted chained up and abandoned as flood waters from Hurricane Harvey rise around it.

A photograph taken by Daily on Saturday show the dog chained to a telephone pole in Victoria, Texas, where as much as 10 inches of rain have inundated the area in the past 24 hours.

The county remains under a flash flood warning, and Texas officials have warned repeatedly against leaving pets and livestock tied up in the elements.

A passerby freed the animal when it became apparent that the owner had abandoned it and it was in imminent danger of drowning.

Nearby in Victoria, another dog was seen chained to a tree outside a mobile home in a puddle of water, also seemingly abandoned.

In Roman Forest, Texas, about 150 miles north of Victoria, the police chief minced no words when it came to animal abusers.

‘I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions,’ Chief Stephen Carlisle said in a statement on Friday.

‘Dogs are your family members too.’

Much more rain is expected over the next few days. I hope the police are going around and rescuing the pets if they can and noting who did this, so they can nail them later for it. Eight million residents in Texas have been warned the worst is yet to come, as hundreds of thousands of shell-shocked Texans on the Gulf Coast have begun to pick up the pieces after Harvey destroyed homes and businesses, and left several injured. The state is facing a clean-up bill of $40 billion or more.

More than 338,000 are without power and could be that way for weeks. Rockport, Texas, 30 miles north of Corpus Christi was hardest hit. As much as five feet of rain could fall. Pets left out that aren’t rescued will die by slowly drowning. Only a heartless monster would leave a dog to that fate. By dawn, more than 20 inches of rain had fallen in Corpus Christi and 16 inches of rain had fallen in Houston. In a press conferences, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said another 20 to 30 more inches of rain could fall and that ‘dramatic flooding’ remained the biggest concern. A disaster declaration has been made for 50 counties. Say a prayer for Texans and their pets during this emergency.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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