The Saddest Dog in the World: Floyd the Boxer Can’t Find a Home Because He Loves People TOO MUCH

by Cassy Fiano | June 21, 2016 9:18 pm

You would think that it wouldn’t be a problem for a dog to really, really love people. But when it comes to Floyd the boxer, his love of people keeps him from being adopted.

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From the Daily Mail:

It’s always the same old story for Floyd, who has been returned to kennels three times in as many years because he appears to love people too much.

And he has now been labelled the saddest dog in the world, having been brought back to a rescue centre each time he was sent to a new family after being saved from an abusive household in 2013.

Staff at Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue in Liverpool believe it is because the six-year-old boxer cross loves human company so much that he gets anxious and upset when he is left alone for too long.

Animal rescuer Lynda James, 21, said: ‘Floyd is a wonderful dog. He is good with children and all he wants is to be cuddled and fussed but unfortunately that’s his downfall.

‘He suffers from separation anxiety so if he is left alone for too long he really goes into a panic because he thinks he’s been left for good.

‘It doesn’t help that every time he thinks he has found a home they haven’t been prepared to stick with him and put the work in to overcome his worries. It’s a vicious cycle.

‘It is very disheartening and all of us feel it for him. All we want is to find him a forever home that will actually be forever.

‘What he really needs and wants is a constant companion. You can see in his sad eyes this longing to spend the rest of his life with someone who’ll stick by him and who understands him.’

Along with his anxieties, Ms James believes that one of the things that might put people off Floyd is his sad face – and she said each time the dog is returned he looks sadder and sadder.

She said: ‘Floyd had to be taken off his first owners by social services because they were abusive and he was taken to a kennel before we took him in at the rescue centre.

‘He has not had a very good life and he hadn’t had any training when he came to us which might be the reason for some of his issues.

‘Now he is toilet trained and sits and gives paw but he’s got some emotional baggage.

‘People expect dogs to be happy go lucky and maybe avoid Floyd because he looks sad but he’s only sad because he doesn’t have a permanent home – and each time he’s brought back he looks sadder.

‘But he is actually a really fun and loving dog and gets very smiley when you play with him. And he would be absolutely ecstatic if he found a home where he could be loved and cared for.’

People really should take adopting a pet more seriously and be willing to put in the work. If they aren’t, then adopting an animal just isn’t something they should do.

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