‘Shoot Selfies, Not Animals’ – PETA Gets Hilariously Trolled By Hunters On Twitter

‘Shoot Selfies, Not Animals’ – PETA Gets Hilariously Trolled By Hunters On Twitter

Twitter doesn’t like PETA and their terrible attempts at getting people to “love” animals as much as they do. They’ve launched a series of cringe-worthy campaigns online that inevitably get trolled by people who hunt, eat meat and actually care about the preservation of wildlife.

The most recent failure is what they’ve dubbed the “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” campaign. You’ve likely heard of people you know mocking it, but we’ve got a compilation of the best tweets that make PETA appear as desperate and crazy as we all know them to be.

PETA launched a photo frame for your social media pictures where you can add the “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” tag to your picture. Hunters decided to show them that you can do both and took pictures of them posing with their kills.


PETA just had to respond and did so in their blog. The post reeks of upset, butthurt snowflakes who just realized they aren’t as cool as their moms told them they were.

In an attempt at humor, thousands of hunters began using PETA’s frame on photos of themselves with the corpses of animals they’d killed.

The number of young children posing in the trolls’ photos is cause for concern: Nearly every serial killer and school shooter killed animals before moving on to humans.

Here’s a fact for you morons: If every hunter turned into a mass murderer there would be no humans left. There are millions of hunters in the United States and all over the planet. As a point of fact, children who hunt are actually more likely to grow up with a respect for the planet and animals than PETA members who don’t understand the balance of nature and the food chain.

Oh, but women weren’t the only ones getting in on the hilarious action.


I will never not be amused by the ability of normal people to troll PETA. This is America.

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