WACKOS: 44,000 Sign Petition To Save Pit Bull That Mauled Child

by John Hawkins | March 18, 2014 6:13 am

I am not one of these people who thinks Pit Bulls are naturally vicious or should be banned. I have seen very sweet and friendly Pit Bulls. I’ve let my dog play with them. I’ve petted them. I think they can be wonderful animals. However, I would also never own a Pit Bull for the simple reason that dogs are dumb animals, instinctive animals — and owning one that has the capacity to seriously injure you is dangerous. In my experience, Chihuahuas are often much more unsociable, bad tempered, and prone to bite than Pit Bulls are, but they’re such tiny dogs that they often can’t even break the skin. On the other hand, a Pit Bull that bites can do this.[1]


A campaign to save a pit bull that viciously attacked a four-year-old Arizona boy now has almost 45,000 signatures from supporters around the world who don’t want the dog to be put down.

The fate of Mickey, a five-year-old pit bull terrier, was supposed to be decided on March 4, but a restraining order against his euthanasia was extended until a decision can be made about his fate.

Mickey was chained in his own South Phoenix backyard when four-year-old Kevin Vicente reached for a bone lying nearby and was attacked by Mickey. His facial injuries were severe and he faces multiple surgeries and permanent scarring.

…AZ Central reports that Kevin Vicente’s injuries were so bad that hospital workers were traumatized after seeing them. He eats and breaths through tubes
According to My Fox Phoenix, Kevin Vicente was at the home of the dog’s owner with his babysitter.

Supporters of Mickey say the boy shouldn’t have been in the yard with the dog, and that Mickey was behaving instinctively because he believed the child was taking away his food.
On the contrary, a witness, Guadalupe Villa, says the dog attacked the boy not in warning but to inflict damage.

…’Mickey wasn’t just biting to bite, he was shaking his head, trying to hurt,’ Villa told My Fox Phoenix.

Villa said the dog belonged to her boyfriend and that she has known Mickey since he was a puppy. Six months ago, she says, Mickey attacked and killed a puppy that wandered into the yard.
‘Honestly, I just want him to be put down,’ she says.

…While a Facebook page dedicated to Mickey has in excess of 40,000 likes, a Facebook page for the support of Kevin Vicente has barely 500.

A fundraising website to help Kevin’s mother pay for his medical expenses has so far raised just over $6,000.

This animal killed a puppy and severely injured a child; so it’s obviously ready, willing :¬†and able to severely injure and kill other living things in its vicinity. Putting it down is a no-brainer and anyone who’s unclear on that subject is probably not fit to be handling a dog like a Pit Bull.

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