7 Quick Questions About Obama’s Magical Misery Tour

by John Hawkins | August 20, 2011 11:53 am

Our President has just finished his three day bus tour of the Midwest and after that Herculean achievement, he’s preparing for yet another vacation. Yet, there are still a few lingering questions people probably have.

1) Who designed that all black bus? Darth Vader? Since Barack Obama is rolling around like a super villain on his campaign stops now, will he be vacationing in an abandoned volcano that has been hollowed out and equipped with a death ray any time soon?

2) Why did Obama go on a bus tour of America, where he encouraged people to buy American, in a Canadian bus[1]?

3) Moreover, why isn’t the bus electric?

4) Why isn’t Obama’s campaign paying for the bus tour? It’s obviously a campaign event.

5) Why is the “listening tour” over after only three days? The “talking tour” has been going on since he was elected.

6) What music do people listen to on the tour bus? My guess is Obama’s speeches are on a constant loop.

7) My very favorite Obama line from the bus tour is, “I make no apologies for being reasonable.”[2] That sounds like a bad job interview response. “My biggest flaw? Oh, it’s that I’m so reasonable! I’m also overly punctual and sometimes work too hard for the good of the company!” Does Obama really have people asking him to apologize for being reasonable?

This was originally published at The Huffington Post[3]

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