Uncle Omar Stays as Obama Is Caught in Another Lie

by Dave Blount | December 4, 2013 10:23 am

You can gauge a society’s decay by the deterioration of rule of law. So no one should be surprised that Obama’s drunk-driving illegal alien uncle is now a permanent resident:

Boston immigration Judge Leonard I. Shapiro said Onyango “Omar” Obama can now get a green card, and in five years, apply for US citizenship, unless the Department of Homeland Security appeals the case within 30 days.

“Congratulations,” Shapiro said after he announced his decision. “Welcome to America.”

Welcome to America? Uncle Omar has lived here for 50 years, on an illegal basis for 43 of them. He has been ordered deported several times, but being an illegal alien, he contemptuously ignores our laws and the orders of our courts. In 2011 he was busted for drunken driving. But not even that was enough to get him forcibly removed from the country. Now — as law-abiding Europeans wait years and get denied — the criminal will get his green card.

At least he works for a living instead of sponging off welfare like Obama’s ungrateful Aunt Zeituni, another illegal alien who isn’t going anywhere.

It helps to have powerful friends like the Redistributor in Chief. His famous nephew denies ever having met Onyango. But yet again, it appears Barack Hussein is lying:

The White House said last year that Obama had never met his famous nephew, but the uncle testified Tuesday that the president had stayed with him at his Cambridge apartment for three weeks when he came to attend Harvard Law School in the 1980s.

Onyango Obama has lied to immigration agents about having a green card and apparently lied to the court just now about having a degree from Boston University, so I wouldn’t take his word for much. But then, who is going to believe Mr If You Like Your Healthcare You Can Keep Your Healthcare Period?

Uncle Omar’s landlord Alfred Ouma backs him up. Since both of the Obamas are known to be liars, I’ll believe the landlord that yes, BHO did live with the uncle he denies ever having met.

Obama’s Uncle Omar
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