A Short Review Of Obama’s Syria Speech: His Case To Make America The World’s Policemen

by John Hawkins | September 10, 2013 9:50 pm

One day before 9/11, Barack Obama made his case to the nation for helping to put Al-Qaeda in power in Syria. Other than promising not to put boots on the ground, he answered none of the tough questions and as per usual, he was shifty and dishonest. For example, he claimed that he asked that the votes in Congress be held off to see if Russia’s proposal would work. But of course, he would take the vote in the House and Senate :┬áif it happened today. It’s also a bit amusing that Obama is talking how reluctant he is to go to war, unlike Bush, when Bush tooks years to make the case for Iraq and Putin is the one who’s actually making a diplomatic case to avoid a war that Obama couldn’t wait to start.

In short, Obama’s case for war comes down to two things.

#1) The world is against chemical weapons and we’re enforcing that standard.
#2) He says that Assad gassed children and they died; so we must act.

So, are we the world’s policemen? Obama said we aren’t in the speech, but that’s exactly what he seems to want us to be. If this is about a world standard, well, then, where’s the world? Why isn’t it supporting us? Why is it saying, “Stand down?” If you’re making the case that this is about a world standard, the world should be supporting us. The world is not.

Also, sorry that kids were murdered, but that happens every day. Are we going to go to war every time kids die in some craphole? Obama’s Al-Qaeda pals, the rebels, have murdered children, too. Are we going to bomb them, too? No? Why? Because they shot them in the head instead of using gas? The kids are dead either way.

Even as a hawk, I’m interested in protecting America’s interests, not being the world’s policemen. While we have a general interest is seeing a calm, orderly world, it’s not wise for us to insert ourselves into every civil war on the planet because the President mouths off about a “red line.” If Assad really is Hitler as John Kerry and Harry Reid say and “the world” is demanding this standard be set, then let forty or fifty other nations get on board with this and then call us back and maybe then we can talk.


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