ALERT: Obama Quietly Moving Forward With Plan to ‘TRANSFORM’ the US

ALERT: Obama Quietly Moving Forward With Plan to ‘TRANSFORM’ the US

The horrifying part of the news these days is that you can’t even focus on something other than the government, or they will try to use the distraction to push through their agenda.

I guess when they said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, this is what they meant… but I didn’t realize that it meant we could do nothing BUT watch our government.


From Allen B. West:

Barack Obama wants as many people coming to, illegally living and staying in the United States as possible. There’s no other possible way to interpret the actions of this administration. From his executive “Dreamer” order, which allowed a million young people in our nation to stay illegally, then turned into a magnet for even more (plus their families). To the federal government, not only refusing to enforce federal immigration laws but taking the unprecedented step of suing its own states that do, it’s abundantly clear foreign nationals illegally calling the USA home are Obama’s highest priority.

And now this.

Not only has Obama thrown out the welcome mat and invited people in in droves, if they’re caught here in violation of our laws, his courts are thwarting law enforcement agency’s deportation efforts to get illegals out.

Among other sources, Fox News has run an investigative report in which they discovered Obama judges have rebuffed Department of Homeland Security efforts to deport people illegally in our nation 100,000 times!

The report cites that “Immigration judges around the country are denying the Department of Homeland Security’s attempts to deport illegal immigrants in record numbers… Over the last 10 months, immigration judges opted against the department’s efforts to remove some 96,223 illegal immigrants, including criminals.”

Last year Obama judicial interventions prevented U.S. law enforcement from deporting 106,676 individuals. Given the current pace, 2016 will break that record number. This means tens and tens of thousands illegal immigrants who are caught and set to be shipped back to their homeland are being allowed to stay in our country despite DHS efforts to remove them. ICE and our Department of Homeland Security –you know, the people charged with keeping us safe— are in a civil war with the Obama courts. Two warring factions in the same nation, one trying to uphold the law; the other trying to prevent that very thing from happening. Law enforcement is losing.

“It’s concerning to me that the immigration courts are becoming such a frequently used back-door route to green cards,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Our COURTS a back-door way to get green carded?! In other words illegals are being rewarded with defacto American citizenship simply by winning the waiting game. They just hang around long enough and presto, the Obama courts have bailed them out from being sent back meaning….they can stay. And stay they do. Our newest “citizens” — though they’ve never become citizens.

Over the objections of U.S. law enforcement, the Phoenix, AZ federal Immigration Court granted a free “welcome-to-America” pass to 82.2 percent of its cases so far in 2016. The New York Immigration Court number stands at 81.5 percent.

I can’t wait until we get a real president who is going to do away with all of the damage caused by the Obama administration and reverse the dangerously ignorant policies he’s enacted.

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