All The Rats Seem To Be Deserting The USS Obama

by William Teach | January 27, 2010 7:49 am

If we ever actually see a USS Barack Obama, it will probably not be an aircraft carrier, but, a destroyer. Starting off, you remember Christopher Buckley and his whining support of Obama pre-election? The Cluebat Of Reality has finally wacked him, as he writes the SOTU that Obama should be giving[1]

A year ago, I inspired the nation to have the audacity to hope that I would change the political culture in Washington. Now, a year later, it turns out I’m another hack politician–from Chicago, where, believe you me, we know a thing or two about hack politics.

I was going to set a new standard. Now I’m just a complicit bystander as Harry bribes, among others, a senator from Nebraska who wants his state to get a free pass on Medicare–in return for his vote on a health-care reform bill that would make the Founders weep, or throw up. Or both.

What a difference a year makes. But I’m pleased to report that before I came up here tonight, I was able to sign a contract with my publisher for a new book. I’m going to call it The Audacity of Oops.

And then there is Nate Silver, far end progressive at Five Thirty Eight[2], who states that the White House’s brain has frozen with this silly discretionary spending freeze Obama announced.

Paul Krugman writes that Obama has liquidated himself[3] and the spending freeze is “appalling on every level.”

At Open Left, Paul Rosenburg says It’s Official: Obama’s An Idiot[4], and quite a few commenters agree.

And, perhaps in the unkindest cut of all[5],

Indonesian authorities said Monday they are considering a petition to tear down a statue of US President Barack Obama as a boy, only a month after the bronze was unveiled in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, there is a joke in this that I am not touching[6]

President Barack Obama on Wednesday will be the first president to deliver the State of the Union address on a handicap-accessible Speaker’s rostrum.

Unsurprisingly, it took Congress 5 extra months beyond schedule to get the lift to work. And, oh, that news channel Obama and Company demonized? Yeah, most trusted[7], as well as lowest level of mistrust among all news stations.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove[8]

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