American Crossroads Gives Obama Way Too Much Credit. He’s Actually Not Cool.

American Crossroads Gives Obama Way Too Much Credit. He’s Actually Not Cool.

Is Barack Obama cool? Compared to say Barney Frank or Mitch McConnell, sure. Compared to people who are genuinely cool like say, Tim Tebow, Brad Pitt, Dwayne Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Chuck Liddell, etc., etc.? No, he’s a bad joke. So, when Crossroads concedes the fact that Obama is cool, it’s making a huge mistake.

You might think, “Who cares if people think Obama is cool? That’s an extraordinarily stupid reason to vote for a Presidential candidate.” Well, of course it is. However, the ad itself essentially concedes that a lot of people, particularly young Americans whom the ad is targeted at, voted for Obama precisely because they thought he was cool — which is undoubtedly true.

Here’s an idea: How about undermining the false idea that Obama is cool instead of conceding it? Sure, SAY he’s cool and show him dancing and calling Kanye a jackass. How about also tossing in a few images like these to go along with it.

So what would that do? Young voters start out thinking that Obama is cool, they watch a video where even Republicans are saying Obama is cool, but Obama is doing totally uncool things. That will create some cognitive dissonance and you’ll start to see younger voters arguing among themselves. “Yeah, so if Obama is cool, why aren’t you wearing mom jeans so you can look like him? Bow to me! That’s hip, right?” The last thing we should be doing is giving Obama more credit than he deserves.

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