Another Component of Obama’s Legacy: Chagas Disease

Obama’s legacy includes more than the recklessly irresponsible if not deliberate importation of Ebola and enterovirus D-68 into the USA. Let’s not forget Chagas disease:

The tropical Chagas disease is spread by contact with the “kissing bug.” The disease is common in … countries such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. About 7 million to 8 million people are estimated to be infected worldwide, mostly in Latin America.

Barack Obama has brought 60,000 children from these countries into the US in this year.

Obama not only brought them in, almost certainly helping to coordinate their transport up through Mexico (considering that the Administration knew in advance how many were coming and when they would arrive). He quickly distributed the potential vectors to all 50 states and even the US Virgin islands before they could be deported.

Doctors have been calling Chagas the “new AIDS”:

The CDC reports that the initial symptoms of the disease caused by a parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, which is spread through the feces of kissing bugs includes fever, fatigue, body aches, rash, diarrhea and vomiting. One of the first visual signs can be a skin lesion or a purplish swelling of the lid of one eye.

The disease can develop in the body causing eventual heart failure and other deadly complications that by the time they are realized cannot be helped with medicine.

But these symptoms could have been treated in advance: by voting more responsibly.

Chagas is being called the new AIDS because of its asymptomatic beginnings that can turn to a fatal end if the disease progresses.

Likewise, the disease of which Obama is a symptom — moonbattery — is likely to turn fatal for American civilization if it continues to progress.

chagas disease
Thanks Barack!

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