As World Situation Unravels, White House Focuses on Pandering to Transsexuals

Russia continues to bomb our supposed allies in Syria and is drafting 150,000 troops as it prepares to replace the USA as the dominant power in the Middle East. Here’s the response from the White House:

The White House is reaching out to the transgender community for a list of things that its members want as they follow their lifestyle choices.

The initiative was launched with the help of White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil, who expressed concern that there is very little data of what the transgender community needs from the government.

“In the transgender space, there exists no data,” Patil told Fortune Magazine. “There’s none.”

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Patil helped launched the initiative in order to quantify the desires from the transgender community so that the federal government could reach out with assistance.

Can you blame our adversaries overseas for not taking this country seriously anymore?

On a tip from Bill T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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