Barack Obama Is Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Create Jobs Except…

by John Hawkins | January 19, 2012 7:02 am

…anything that might also help business or reduce energy prices. This is the constant contradiction of his presidency. He’s put reams of new regulations into effect, he never stops demonizing business, he’s constantly threatening new taxes, and he’s been going after the energy industry like it insulted his mother while he’s piling on so much debt that reasonable people are starting to genuinely wonder if the United States may only be a few years from defaulting on its debt. Then, liberals scratch their heads in puzzlement as to why the economy isn’t growing.

Given that the economy is staggering along, gas prices are way too high, and the jobless is still over 8 freaking percent, this move[1], which is nothing but pure appeasement of wacko environmentalists, is pure INSANITY.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday rejected plans for a massive oil pipeline through the heart of the United States, ruling there was not enough time for a fair review before a looming deadline forced on him by Republicans.

His move did not kill the project but could again delay a tough choice for him until after the November elections.

Right away, the implications rippled across the political spectrum, stirred up the presidential campaign and even hardened feelings with Canada, a trusted U.S. ally and neighbor. For a U.S. electorate eager for work, the pipeline has become the very symbol of job creation for Republicans, but Obama says the environment and public safety must still be weighed too.

The plan by Calgary-based TransCanada Corp. would carry tar sands oil from western Canada across a 1,700-mile (2,735-kilometer) pipeline across six U.S. states to Texas refineries.

Obama was already on record as saying no, for now, until his government could review an alternative route that avoided environmentally sensitive areas of Nebraska – a route that still has not been proposed, as the White House emphasizes. But Obama had to take a stand again by Feb. 21 at the latest as part of an unrelated tax deal he cut with Republicans.

This time, the project would go forward unless Obama himself declared it was not in the national interest. The president did just that, reviving intense reaction.

…”President Obama is destroying tens of thousands of American jobs and shipping American energy security to the Chinese. There’s really just no other way to put it. The president is selling out American jobs for politics,” House Speaker John Boehner said. Insisting that the pipeline would help the economy, he declared: “This is not the end of the fight,” signaling that Republicans might try again to force a decision.

We could put 20,000 people to work, lower gas prices, and help secure long-term access to energy by building the Keystone Pipeline. Instead, Obama is shooting it down to try to please the sort of environmental wackos who wouldn’t be happy unless we were sitting around in the dark and living our lives like our ancestors did 2500 years ago. The wants and desires of the modern environmental movement, as compared to how these people actually live (See Al Gore), are incompatible with modern civilization.

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