Barack Obama Speechifying Fail: Dan Riehl And John Hawkins Discuss The President’s Speech & The Republicans

by Melissa Clouthier | September 10, 2009 10:02 am

Was the President’s address a win[1]? In the short term, just like Bill Clinton, yes[2]. Did Bill Clinton get health care reform passed? Don’t think so. The speech, like most Obama soliloquies was rife with Strawmen. Neo Neocon[3] knocks ’em down.

Do Americans want a mandate[4] to get insurance? We’ll see.

Was Joe Wilson right calling the President a “liar” over illegal aliens will be covered? Yes he was[5]. That is, illegal aliens will most certainly be covered under this plan. That wasn’t the only set of lies. There were many. And, surprise! The AP has a list[6].

So, the blogger round-table and I talk about all this and what it means. Will health care legislation pass? Prediction: Yes, but it will not be a law that anyone will likes and will make everything worse.


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