BEWARE! Witches Are Organizing Across The WORLD To Cast A SPELL On Trump – THIS IS NOT A JOKE

BEWARE! Witches Are Organizing Across The WORLD To Cast A SPELL On Trump – THIS IS NOT A JOKE

Witches from around the world are planning to join together at Trump Tower at midnight Friday to cast a spell on President Trump as “an act of magical self-defense.”

Its a “binding spell” apparently. Meant to use your personal energy to strangle and restrain Trump’s power without doing any sort of harm to him or anyone else.

Michael Hughes a self-identified magician has organized this ritual.

“The analogy I use is, it’s not punching a Nazi in the face, it’s tying a Nazi up, taking his bullhorn away, and smashing his phone so he can’t tweet,” Hughes said.

This mass ritual is being reported to take place at Trump Tower in New York, with smaller rituals happening in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Portugal, South Africa and apparently several other locations across the world.

This ritual consists of burning an unflattering photo of Trump using a stumpy orange candle while chanting… “You’re fired!” Of course, in the possible absence of an orange candle is a white candle. Any additional components needed do include the use of the Tower tarot card and of course they are witches, so they also need a pre-written spell which will include lines like this:

Bind him so that he shall not break our polity

Usurp our liberty

Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair

And bind, too,

All those who enable his wickedness

And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies

“We’re going to do this every month on the waning crescent moon until he’s out of office,” Hughes said.

“Ceremonial magicians, root workers, and kind of new age-y people” and “even some Christian witches” will be in attendance, Hughes said.

Hughes said he’s received “at least 100 emails” from people all over the country and world saying they plan to participate, both solo and alongside a coven.

“What’s fascinating to me is that so many people who have never done anything like this are being drawn to do it,” he said. “Like why not? Let’s try anything.”

Hughes said he sees magic as “one tool among many” for resistance.

“I call Congress every day, I write letters, I’ve sent postcards, I’ve marched and everything. This is just one other prong in what we can do,” he said.

“The real power that I see in this, and why I think so many people are embracing it, is because it’s a way of taking back your own power,” he said. “So many of us just feel overwhelmed and beat down by the barrage of assaults on civil liberties, on immigrants, on the environment.”

However, as you might have expected, not everyone’s down to get witchy. A website called “Christian Nationalist Alliance” (which is also openly Anti-Islam, btw) has declared a “day of prayer” to counter the spell.

“While this sort of magical attack on believers and servants of God is nothing new, this instance stands out to me because they are attempting to enlist the aid of non-religious liberals,” the article says. “These people, mostly young, who may be riled up by the non-stop media attacks on President Trump are a fertile recruiting ground for Satanic groups.”

“This is a declaration of spiritual war and it requires a response,” it says.

It’s unclear how many people plan to counter-pray for Trump (the site appears to have been made in January, and has little over 700 Twitter followers). Even so, some people are taking the counter-prayer efforts VERY seriously.

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