BOOM! ALL 50 States Just UNIFIED To Take Down Obama’s Final Move As President!

BOOM! ALL 50 States Just UNIFIED To Take Down Obama’s Final Move As President!

It’s very rare that every single state in the union actually agrees on something, considering there are those like California and New York that are very liberal, and those like Idaho and Texas that are very conservative.

Apparently Obama got his wish to be the great uniter though, as he united all 50 states against one of his final actions as President.

Probably not the unity he envisioned.


Obama made a move that would federalize elections by deeming state elections “critical infrastructure.”

Unfortunately for him, every single Secretary of State in all 50 states stood up and asked Trump to shut it down.

Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson made a frightening proclamation on the matter saying, “I have determined that election infrastructure in this country should be designated as a subsector of the existing Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector.”

The Daily Caller reported:

He broadly put all state election facilities under the federal “critical infrastructure” purview. His designation would affect all state-operated polling places, centralized vote tabulations location, election storage facilities and IT systems holding voter registration databases.

He also angered state officials because the federal designation would exempt future election activities from public access via the Freedom of Information Act or from state open record laws.

New DHS Secretary John Kelly discussed the move before his confirmation:

“The notion that DHS can or should exercise some degree of influence over state voting systems is highly controversial and appears to be a political question beyond the scope of DHS’ current legislative cyber mandates.”

Luckily, the Secretaries of State decided to band together and fight this ridiculous and overbearing directive. It’s good to know that when our very Republic is at stake, there are good people who can be trusted to do what is right.

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