Breaking: Chicago Eliminated From 2016 Olympics

by William Teach | October 2, 2009 11:40 am

Still waiting for a media link, but, Chicago was eliminated from 2016 Olympics consideration. In the FIRST ROUND! So much for the Rock Star presidents star power.

But, Barry and Michelle will always be able to look back to their tax payer funded vacation to Copenhagen fondly.

Quick update: ESPN[1] has the 411. Not just the first round, but, Chicago was the first city to be eliminated.

Oh, jeez[2]

The Daley Plaza crowd reacted to Chicago’s elimination in silence. Some members of the crowd were crying as they walked away. People blamed negative media attention on the bid and former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan’s lack of participation as reasons for the loss.

As Ed Morrissey[3] writes, “Is that going to be the White House spin? It’s Michael Jordan’s fault?”

I guess Michelle Obama’s sacrifice[4] was worthless.

Oh, and anyone laughing at Obama is a raaaaacist and should self ban themselves.

More: Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva celebrates[5], tells Barry “that’s for messing up my name[6] and bumping my visit, champ.” Other Brazilians are goofing[7] on Obama’s “yes we can” slogan.

Legal Insurrection[8] catches liberals Blaming Bush for the Olympics loss.

Stix has 10 Reasons Why Chicago Didn’t Get The Olympics[9].

Oh, Lord, Newsweek[10] is spinning this as good news for Obama.

Obama is incompetent.
mmmm mmmm mmmm
He can’t even convince the IOC.
mmmm mmmm mmmm

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