BREAKING: Lawsuit FINALLY Reveals What Obama Did With DOJ Slush Fund Money!

by Cassy Fiano | June 14, 2017 11:42 am

During Barack Obama’s presidency, the Department of Justice was channeling money they received from settlements with corporations into left-wing activist groups[1], Judicial Watch announced on Monday. A lawsuit was filed that brought the corrupt business to light and Obama could be in major trouble now.


“Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for records relating to an Obama administration policy of settling agency lawsuits against corporate defendants by requiring that the corporations make ‘donations’ to left-wing interest groups La Raza, the Urban League and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition,” a statement read.

“Judicial Watch submitted its FOIA request in the aftermath of an extensive investigation by the House Judiciary and Financial Services Committee that found the Obama Department of Justice had ‘engaged in a pattern or practice of systematically subverting Congress’ budget authority by using settlements from financial institutions to funnel money to left-wing activist groups.”

Instead of giving the money back to the government, or to the victims, the Obama administration was giving it to groups that had nothing to do with the cases at hand, even though Congress is supposed to determine where that money goes.

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially put an end to the practice. But who was the Obama administration giving money to, exactly? With just one $17 million settlement with Bank of America, money was given to organizations like La Raza, an extremist Latino rights organization that advocates for open borders and illegal immigration; the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, a lobbying group; Operation Hope, a group that puts pressure on banks to give “dignity loans” to people who don’t qualify for them; and the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, whose leader calls himself a “bank terrorist.”

Sessions slammed the Department of Justice for this corrupt practice when he announced that he would be ending it for good.

“When the federal government settles a case against a corporate wrongdoer, any settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to bankroll third-party special interest groups or the political friends of whoever is in power,” he said. “Unfortunately, in recent years the Department of Justice has sometimes required or encouraged defendants to make these payments to third parties as a condition of settlement. With this directive, we are ending this practice and ensuring that settlement funds are only used to compensate victims, redress harm, and punish and deter unlawful conduct.”

Just more shady dealings from the most corrupt president ever — and now that he’s out of office, hopefully that corruption will be gone, too.

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