BREAKING: Liberal Lawmaker BUSTED For Food Stamp Fraud – Guess Who…

BREAKING: Liberal Lawmaker BUSTED For Food Stamp Fraud – Guess Who…

Arizona’s Democrat legislator Cecelia Velasquez has really landed in it. She is being charged with three felony counts of ripping off the food stamp program in that state. More specifically, she was charged with: fraudulent schemes and practices, unlawful use of food stamps and theft in the indictment. Velasquez was caught providing false info on her SNAP paperwork, claiming she had two dependents when she didn’t. She was also allowing someone else to use her EBT card. A Democrat legislator on food stamps? Imagine that.


From Young Conservatives:

An Arizona Democratic state representative is in big trouble with the law and, it turns out, where she allegedly committed her crimes is of great interest to her political rivals.

The Arizona attorney general has charged Democrat legislator Cecelia Velasquez with three felony charges of ripping off the food stamp program.

The Department of Economic Security, Arizona’s social services department, listed the charges brought against the lawmaker:

“State Representative Velasquez was charged by the Arizona State Grand Jury on May 23, 2016, with three felony counts: Fraudulent Schemes and Practices, Unlawful Use of Food Stamps, and Theft. The indictment was unsealed on June 20, 2016.”

The Phoenix New Times reports that the lawmaker was basically running a small-time scam:

“The charges revolve around Velasquez allegedly providing false information on her SNAP eligibility paperwork, on which she claimed to have two dependents living with her who really weren’t, the source said.

Velasquez also allowed her electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card to be used improperly by another person, said the source, who requested anonymity.”

This follows hot on the heels of longtime Democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah being convicted on 22 counts of corruption. He just stepped down from office and was a huge donor and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Gee, corruption seems to be really commonplace in the Democrat Party. Go figure. Fattah faces sentencing in October and could potentially serve the rest of his life in prison. It seems to be a trend from Obama, to Hillary to just about every other Democrat out there. But then again, there are a lot of Republicans who are in the same boat. Velasquez, who was elected in 2014 and represents the community of Litchfield, was running her alleged scam from a home that isn’t in her House district. Yep, that’s a big ole outpoint right there. This means she could have won her seat fraudulently to begin with. Court documents allege Velasquez between 2013 and 2015 fraudulently used $1,726 worth of food stamps. Food stamps that were meant for the poor and disadvantaged y’all. Ironically, Velasquez’s biography reveals she worked as a DES employee for 12 years and is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. She has also worked as a paralegal. Irony and corruption in Arizona.


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