BREAKING! NEW Controversial Bill Can STOP OBAMA In His Tracks – Spread This Everywhere!

BREAKING! NEW Controversial Bill Can STOP OBAMA In His Tracks – Spread This Everywhere!

Finally! Senator Kelly Ayotte has brought legislation forth that would stop Obama from releasing more terrorists from Gitmo and from closing the base down. The legislation would run through September of 2017, past the end of Obama’s term. It doesn’t undo the massive damage Obama has done, but it stops further releases and keeps Guantanamo Bay intact until a more sane president can take over. Current law prohibits the transfer of detainees to the US and the construction of any facilities in America to hold detainees, but that law is typically renewed each year in the annual defense policy bill. Ayotte’s bill would make those bans permanent. What a relief that would be! Good for Kelly Ayotte!!


From Allen West:

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “Sen. Kelly Ayotte introduced legislation Tuesday that would prohibit any transfers from Guantanamo Bay through September 2017, several months past the end of President Obama’s term.

The Detaining Terrorists to Protect Americans Act of 2016 would also permanently ban any transfers of detainees to the U.S., and prohibit the closure of the detention center in Cuba.

“Unfortunately, this administration seems more interested in releasing terrorists and bringing the remainder to the United States in order to close Guantanamo and fulfill a misguided and dangerous campaign promise,” Ayotte, R-N.H., said in a statement. “My legislation would suspend the administration’s dangerous releases that have allowed terrorists to return to the battlefield and permanently prevent the administration from bringing Guantanamo terrorists to the United States.”

There are only 89 detainees left in Gitmo. Obama has released many prisoners who have gone back to killing people and fighting for terrorist groups. Ayotte, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, also promised to block Obama’s pick to be the Pentagon’s top lawyer over the delayed release of a report on current detainees required by law that is more than two months overdue. This legislation should have been done long ago, but better late than never, I guess. It may not pass as many on the right secretly support Obama. Per Allen West: “Ask yourself, where did the appropriations come from enabling Obama to open the US Embassy in Cuba? Who on Capitol Hill approved the staffing appropriations? And where did the appropriations come for the assignment of US Marine Security Guard personnel in Cuba? The frustration many have is that the most powerful of the three branches of government is not the executive, it is the legislative. It is a GOP-controlled House and Senate that has so often appeared impotent in stemming the tide of executive branch overreach.” They could have used the power of the purse to stop Obama, but instead they have given him free reign. When it comes to DC these days, most of the politicians are corrupt. The demonstrably bad ones who are the majority should all be removed.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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