BREAKING: Obama’s FBI Did Wiretap Trump Towers – But There Is More To The Story…

by Alexandria Willis | March 22, 2017 7:14 am


I am not sure Trump supporters should be exactly happy with this news. It does not really line up with President Donald J. Trump’s story in the end, but you can tell us if you agree with that or not.[2]

Donald Trump has made the bold claim in the last few months that former President Barrack H. Obama was responsible for wiretapping Trump Tower, specifically regarding the campaign for the presidency. It was a huge claim and it was one that he simply could not back up… and still has not been able to back up.

I am a Republican, but the constant barrage of President Donald Trump’s tweets making claims like this is exhausting and casts a poor light on the entire party. It cannot be acceptable to Republicans to sit and listen to Donald Trump’s continual blaming and tweeting. This is just one more example of this.

It turns out the Trump Tower was wiretapped during Barack Obama’s presidency. But it turns out it had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Added to that, it happened with a court order. Add to that, it happened in Barack Obama’s first term as president. Add to that, it was because of serious connections with a huge Russian gambling ring at Trump Tower that would lead to the arrest of one of the biggest Russian crime leaders.

So essentially, nothing has really changed. Thus far there has been no validity to Donald Trump’s claim regarding Barack Obama wiretapping the Trump Tower during the campaign…

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