BREAKING: It’s Here – Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement, This Is How It Will Affect You [VIDEO]

BREAKING: It’s Here – Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement, This Is How It Will Affect You [VIDEO]

Well, here we go… one of the biggest questions that has been going around on Capitol Hill right now is will the GOP have what it takes to come through on their promises to both repeal and replace Obamacare?

It all depends what day it is really… on some, it’s sure they will, on others…they look like they just might cave. However, now we have something to talk about…

Check this out.

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Now there are two measures that dismantle the core aspects of Obama’s legacy known as Obamacare, this is including subsidies to help people buy coverage, the expansion of Medicaid, taxes and its mandates for people to have insurance.

Now, if you would like to read the bills you can click 1 then 2 to read both.

Republicans plan to put in place a brand new system that is going to be centered on a tax credit to assist Americans in buying insurance.

Now with that said, this is what that could mean for you….as an American.

From Washington Examiner:

The tax credits proposed by Republicans would be age-based, not income-based as they are under Obamacare. But in the bill released Monday, they would be reduced for individuals earning more than $75,000 and for households earning more than $150,000. Individuals earning more than $215,000 couldn’t receive any of the tax credits.

Can Republicans actually get this through Congress and onto Trump’s desk?

You can understand why a lot of Americans aren’t too optimistic about that.

Now, I guess we just have to wait and see what happens…it’s too soon to know if this is going to be something we can cheer about, or if it’s just going to end up being Obamacare round two.

Let’s hope though that it does end up being a good thing…

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