Chump’s Weekly Address Plays The Partisan Patriotism Game

by William Teach | August 13, 2011 8:51 am

Hey, what better way to get those who have different political ideas to work with you than questioning their patriotism? He tried this same thing the other day[1]. And virtually every speech, press release, and Weekly Address Obama makes does this same thing: call for working together and bipartisanship, all while insulting and denegrating those who do not think Obama’s ideas are worth the used cocktail napkin from the 19th Hole Obama writes them on. Whatever happened to the new era of civility? Or that”post partisan” Washington Obama was going to lead on? Well, he did say he would change the way Washington works, and, he did not lie on that point: Washington is even more partisan thanks to the absurd and damaging policies and ideas of Barack Obama[2]

On Thursday, I visited a new, high-tech factory in Michigan where workers are helping America lead the way in a growing clean energy industry.

And wouldn’t be able to do it without the $300 million in Stimulus grants[3].

Many Americans are hurting badly right now. Many have been unemployed for too long. Putting these men and women back to work, and growing wages for everyone, has got to be our top priority.

What he means is that it has to be Someone Else’s top priority, because he has other things to do.

But lately, the response from Washington has been partisanship and gridlock that’s only undermined public confidence and hindered our efforts to grow the economy.

So while there’s nothing wrong with our country, there is something wrong with our politics, and that’s what we’ve got to fix. Because we know there are things Congress can do, right now, to get more money back in your pockets, get this economy growing faster, and get our friends and neighbors back to work.

Got that? Because the GOP won’t give him everything he wants, he blames the politics, rather than the same old tired ideas that have so far failed to stimulate the economy. Ideas like

The payroll tax cut that put $1,000 back in the average family’s pocket this year? Let’s extend it. Construction workers who’ve been jobless since the housing boom went bust? Let’s put them back to work rebuilding America. Let’s cut red tape in the patent process so entrepreneurs can get good ideas to market more quickly. Let’s finish trade deals so we can sell more American-made goods around the world. Let’s connect the hundreds of thousands of brave Americans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan to businesses that need their incredible skills and talents.

The payroll tax didn’t work before. We don’t need to repave roads and paint bridges, besides the fact that these are short term jobs, and wasn’t that what a big chunk of the Stimulus was about? Patents? Gotta have people to have the buying power first for those products. Same with trade deals. Sure, we want those “brave Americans” (can’t he even say “soldiers”?) to have jobs. There have to be jobs first. I’m highly confident that the thing about the troops was thrown in simply as political fodder.

But we can no longer let partisan brinksmanship get in our way — the idea that making it through the next election is more important than making things right. That’s what’s holding us back — the fact that some in Congress would rather see their opponents lose than see America win.

And there you have it: since the GOP isn’t buying into and passing Obama’s worthless ideas, they are unpatriotic. There’s a reason I have been referring to him as NMP (not my president) Obama or simply Obama, Barack, Barry, Chump, or others: he is not worthy of being the President of the United States Of America. He’s simply the head of the DNC, and is part of the problem, and will never be part of the solution. He’s an embarrassment, still completely unqualified, and still acts like he did in 2008, when he was running for the office. Completely partisan, attacking those who have different ideas. January 2013 can’t come soon enough, when we watch him sulk off into the sunset.

The USA Today[4] (and, most interestingly, many other media outlets) notices that Obama is urging citizen rebellion against Congress.

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