Days Before 9/11 Obama Did Something SHAMEFUL

Days Before 9/11 Obama Did Something SHAMEFUL

Just shameful… days before 9/11, a day that has left a gaping wound in the soul of this country, Obama decided to cut the military’s pay once again. Our warriors are supposed to receive a yearly pay raise, but will see only a partial one this year. I’m sure those funds went to pay for Obama’s lavish vacations and golf course dates… like the one where he did not answer a call from the Navy SEALs on a rescue mission. The mission had to be aborted. Obama responded a day later… long after the two hostages had been moved. That’s just how much Obama cares about the military and those they rescue.

Obama decided to use an emergency loophole in the U.S. Code to deny the (formulated) pay raise for our troops. These men and women lay their lives on the line everyday for all of us. They make very little… not enough to provide for their families and Obama is cutting into that even more. Why do we allow this? Have we lost control of what is done in this country? Evidently so.


From Allen West:

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Even as Barack Obama has added nearly $9 trillion to the federal debt and overseen annual budget deficits ranging from $450 billion to $1.5 trillion he continues to increase spending and spending proposals. This causes many to wonder, “What corresponding cost cutting is he proposing to pay for all this spending?” This week we found out. Obama is cutting military pay…again.

By now the disdain this president has for the U.S. military is clear and known to all, but his willingness to stiff our men and women in uniform in order to pay for his green initiatives, golf outings and family vacations should be enough to turn anyone’s stomach. With his family barely back from yet another multi-million-dollar, taxpayer-funded two weeks on posh Martha’s Vineyard, Obama is about to give the members of our military a stiffing.

Federal law states that those serving in our nation’s military receive a yearly pay raise in accordance with a formula utilized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The House of Representatives typically uses the figure BLS sends to factor into the Fiscal Year Budget which is in turn sent to the commander in chief.

Members of the United States Armed Forces will see a pay increase of just 1.6 percent effective January 1st. By law those service members should have received a pay increase of at least 2.1 percent.

The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) issued a furious statement concerning Obama again cutting military pay: “Few people are more deserving of a full pay raise than our men and women in uniform. Yet, at the same time President Obama is proposing significant increases in military deployments and expanding existing missions, he is cutting the pay raise for our troops for the fourth year in a row.” These military families will lose $336 this year alone. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you are making ends meet on a salary that already isn’t enough, it is everything.

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