DISGRACEFUL: Obama protected Hezbollah drug ring that targeted America to save Iran nukes deal

by Sierra Marlee | December 18, 2017 7:00 pm

So, it looks like the Iran Deal had worse implications that we hadn’t considered when arguing against it. While we all know that this would never stop them from creating and possibly using nuclear weapons, it turns out that former President Obama allowed something more sinister to take place for the sake of this disastrous agreement.

He protected members of the terror group Hezbollah and their drug ring in an effort to save the Iran Deal, allowing money-laundering and drug smuggling operations to go unpunished.

“Project Cassandra,” a campaign launched by the DEA, sought to target these groups and their illegal dealings, but the Justice and Treasury Departments delayed or denied their requests for investigations and sanctions as a way to keep the Iran Deal from imploding.


Among those who are responsible for this are Hezbollah’s envoy to Iran, a Lebanese bank that is implicated in money-laundering in connection to drug profits, and a “central player in a U.S.-based cell of the Iranian paramilitary Quds force,” according to Josh Meyer of Politico.

U.S. attorney Preet Bharara filed a civil suit against banks in Lebanon in 2011, claiming that “Lebanese Financial Institutions, Including Institutions Linked to Hizballah, Allegedly Wired Over $300 Million into the United States for the Purchase and Shipment of Used Cars to West Africa as Part of Money Laundering Scheme.”

Bharara was looking to receive $480M as a result of the lawsuit, but the case was settled in 2013 for $102M.

The Obama administration was also involved in pressuring the Czech government from extraditing Ali Fayad, a Lebanese arms dealer, to the United States where he was facing charges related to his attempts to acquire anti-aircraft missiles, plans to kill American government employees and providing aid to a terror cell.

Members of “Project Cassandra” accuse the former President and his administration of undermining their efforts to apprehend a man named “Ghost,” who is one of the world’s largest cocaine dealers.

Could Obama be brought up on charges as a result of this information? I personally don’t know the law well enough to speculate on that, but this does certainly sound like something that endangered the lives of Americans. Not to mention preventing his own DEA from being able to take down the world’s largest cocaine dealer is a really bad look for him. It’s hard to believe that he would do something like that, but in the context of Fast and Furious, it seems totally consistent with the rest of his Presidency.

This should be investigated.

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