Egged On by Obama, Looting Continues

The supposedly peaceful demonstrators Obama has urged to “stay on course” have taken his advice; they are still at it. Near San Francisco:

A group of protesters overwhelmed the police force in Emeryville Tuesday night, ransacking a Pak N Save store and stealing liquor and cigarettes from other stores, authorities said.

Emeryville police spokesman Brian Head said car windows were also smashed in the resident neighborhoods. …

Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters marched through the nearby downtown Berkeley streets for a fourth straight night, briefly blocking traffic on a highway and delaying metro and train services.

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Demonstration were planned Wednesday, with organizers saying they expect hundreds of people to come out and help shut down a federal building in Oakland.

“As white people, we are outraged by the constant and ongoing violations against black people’s lives from Ferguson to Oakland to San Francisco to Cleveland to Staten Island,” said Jason Wallach of Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Enjoy the stolen booze and cigarettes, lowlifes.

Meanwhile, Obama has been keeping the flames stoked. On Monday he proclaimed that “a country’s conscience has to be triggered by some inconvenience.” Translation: Keep on rioting and looting; I’m on your side.

As Daniel Henninger notes,

The president of the United States is holding the door open for politics by mob rule, the invasion of private property and economic damage to store owners.

He’s an Alinskyite community organizer who established himself in the fetid slums of Chicago and launched his political career in an apartment shared by two communist terrorists. What else did anyone expect?

Henninger continues,

If we have learned anything in the past century, it is that when politically approved mobs start invading shopkeepers and smashing their windows in the name of politics, it is a sign that a society is veering off the rails.

If the historical reference isn’t clear, wait until Obama’s massive debt collapses the economy, producing Weimar Republic levels of inflation.

On tips from Jester and Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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