Emperor Obama SHREDDED by Trey Gowdy After State of the Union Address

by McGuire | January 22, 2015 2:35 am

Trey Gowdy, the Tea Party Congressman, has certainly made his opinion heard once again. The former prosecutor has given his opinion on the President’s State of the Union address, his continual disregard for the Constitution and our entire system of government and to say the least, it ain’t pretty[1]:


After Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, where President Obama hailed his supposed achievements and postured as if he were under no obligation to follow the law or to work with the Republican-controlled Congress, Gowdy had, evidently, had enough and issued a scathing condemnation of the president’s remarks.

“Last year, the President promised he would use his pen and phone to ignore the legislative branch and push through his agenda by executive fiat. We have witnessed one executive power grab after another, setting a dangerous precedent and eroding the constitutional balance set forward by our Founders.

“As the President himself once said, elections have consequences. The most recent one being he must work with the Republican-controlled Congress, rather than spout recycled, failed ideas from past speeches. Americans are looking for leadership. They want solutions. The President has the opportunity to put aside politics and engage with the new Congress. We hope he will.”

Gowdy and many other constitutional conservatives have stood firm on the assertion that our president must be bound by the limits of his office. More important than any one law, any one person, is the preservation of our republic- a system of government that demands adherence to the rule of law and a strict reverence for our founding and guiding principles.

Last week, Gowdy offered a riveting speech on the House Floor to halt Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. Gowdy exclaimed,

“This is a fight over whether this branch of government will ever find the courage to stand up for itself. The same document that this and all presidents swears to defend gives this body certain tools, tools like the power of the purse. And it’s about damn time we used that tool.”

What Gowdy has noted is that Obama’s continual disregard for the laws that ought to limit the president’s power has created a dangerous precedent.

Would it be right for a Republican president to simply do as he pleased? What defines our government and what differentiates us from the dictatorial Castro regime that imprisons the Cuban people just 90 miles from our shores is that we have a system of laws that places no absolute power in any one person’s hands.

The Obama Regime serves as the greatest obstacle to freedom in the United States.

Indeed, the Obama Administration seems to be doing everything in it’s power to limit the freedoms and rights of Americans. The delusion that Obama carries that he is absolute ruler and king of America needs to be stopped- and not just with the end of his term in 2016. I am hoping that the 114th does more to stop him in his tracks than simply speak – impeachment and lawsuits against his illegal and unethical actions need to follow.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie[3]

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