Forcing People To Buy Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be Controversial, Says Obama

Obama’s out on his big taxpayer funded bus trip, with two buses that cost around a million dollars a piece, not to mention the cost of all the chase cars, security, and whatnot, making speeches that look oddly like campaign stump speeches, as Byron York points out. Then we get this, via CNS News

“Here’s the problem — if an insurance company has to take you, has to insure you, even if you’re sick but you don’t have an individual mandate, then what would everybody do? They would wait until they get sick and then you’d buy health insurance, right?” Obama told an audience at the first stop of his bus tour in Cannon Falls, Minnesota on Monday.

“The basic theory is, look, everybody here at some point or another is going to need medical care and you can’t be a free rider on everybody else. You can’t not have health insurance then go to the emergency room and each of us, who have done the responsible thing and have health insurance, suddenly we have to pay the premiums for you. That’s not fair.”

Obama continued, “So if you can afford it, you should get health insurance just like you get car insurance. This should not be controversial but it has become controversial partly because of people’s view that — well, let me just say this, you’ve got a governor who’s running for president right now who instituted the exact same thing in Massachusetts.”

So, let’s see: Obama’s own outsourced ObamaCare legislation forces insurance companies to take sick people. So, he needs to make sure American’s are forced to purchase health insurance to deal with the situation that his (outsourced) legislation causes.

That didn’t sound much like a stump speech, did it, especially the part about Mitt Romney, eh? Obama even went on to say that the mandate is a Republican idea. No, really. See the video at that CNS story.

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